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The Original Master Pizza
What people are saying :
The Original Master Pizza has wonderful food. There menu has so much to choose from, subs, salads, pizza, chicken, pastas, dinners, deserts, and sides,(appetizers). There nicely prices. This pizza shop has that made fresh taste, and not a factory taste like other well known pizza shops. This is a great find in Cuyahoga falls. Give em a try!!!!!!!
Restaurant Information
Address: 1194 Tallmadge Rd.
Telephone #: 330-926-1311
Times: 10:30 AM - 10:00 PM
Service Details
NameAvailableMin OrderMin ChargesReady In
Pickup Yes $1.00 NA 45 min
Delivery Yes $8.00 $2.00 1 hour(s)0 min
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